Astros Confident That They Can Stop Yankee’s In Their ALCS Surge

Astros Confident That They Can Stop Yankee’s In Their ALCS Surge

NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. – The Houston Astros got two crushing defeats against the New York Yankees, but they are not showing too much pressure on their part.

Astros got a 2-0 lead against the Yankees, but the next two games were not in their favor. Game 5 will be played at the Yankee Stadium on Wednesday, coupled with their momentum, which should worry the Houston Astros by now. The Astros are very confident, though.

A.J. Hinch, Manager of Astros, commented that the series was great. These are two very good teams battling against each other to snag the chance to represent the American League. There is no reason for anybody to think that it’s over in just two games. One team must get four wins, and no one has won four times yet, said Hinch.

Astros Confident That They Can Stop Yankee’s In Their ALCS Surge

Hinch sees the situation as his team has two wins away from the World Series, and so are their opponents. He is confident because of the men he got on his line up – Dallas Keuchel and Justin Verlander.

Houston is especially confident with Keuchel, who has great records against the Yankees. He was even capable of beating the Bronx Bombers on their own court and held the Yankees scoreless at their own stadium in the 2015 Wild Card game. He also did the same in Game 1 held in Houston.

He is known not to crumble, but instead excel, against the rowdy New York crowd at the Yankees Stadium. Being able to toss 13 playoff innings scoreless against the Yankees, with only seven hits and striking out 17.

The Astros are relying on his excellent pitching skills these coming games. They meant to find a way to get their ace on it early and get him to do his thing more often, to snag a decisive victory against their opponent.

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