Chicago Cubs Coach Allegedly Cheats With SmartWatch

Chicago Cubs Coach Allegedly Cheats With SmartWatch

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – It was not so long ago when the Red Sox defeated the Yankees by using an Apple watch to detect conversations between the catcher and the pitcher. It was in an attempt to figure out how the Yankees are going to pitch.

People were going hysterical when they thought that the same event was happening again.They saw one coach of the Chicago Cubs in the NLDS match sporting what looks like an Apple watch.

Eyes can sometimes be deceiving. It was all a big mistake and the New York Police Department did not even come to the scene to look at the allegation. Apparently, the Chicago Cubs coach was not really wearing an Apple watch. It was a FitBit watch. The concerned coach was given adequate funds for advertising.

Chicago Cubs Coach Allegedly Cheats With SmartWatch

Even though the coach was not really wearing an Apple watch, the MLB still decided to look into it since they have a rule against any of the players or coaches using a device connected to the internet while at play. Apparently, the Cubs did not break any rule after all since the watch was not even connected to the internet in the first place.

Even then, this should serve as a warning to all the other 30 teams who might be tempted to bring a smartwatch to their games. This whole accusation thing is not even new to the MLB.

Just a few months back, a D-backs player named Ariel Pietro was charged a certain amount that they do not want to be revealed. It was proven that he did not use it to cheat. However, rules are rules. So, he had to pay the price.

The Red Sox who actually cheated their match with the Yankees did not get away without paying the price. They also had to pay a certain fine.

The organization obviously did not want these sorts of things to happen again.They cautioned all other teams that if this was to happen again, graver sanctions would be applied.

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