Cubs Wins The MLB Playoffs Despite Plethora of Errors

Cubs Wins The MLB Playoffs Despite Plethora of Errors

CHICAGO – Who would have thought that the Chicago Cubs would still win the season after committing a plethora of mistakes on the base paths and the plate? Nobody, but that was what happened last Monday, and it’s all thanks to their cohesive mindset.

Anyone who watched the game would see how the Cubs messed up their game in the sixth inning by making a couple of errors, not to mention wasting some opportunities to own the game. It was a good thing that they still managed to get back to their feet and garner a 2-1 win.

Zobrist was one of the Cubs players who made errors in the base paths, but he remained calm and positive all throughout the game. Not once did he think that the team would be in trouble due to their errors.

Cubs Wins The MLB Playoffs Despite Plethora of Errors

He also said that he, along with the rest of the team, has always been trained to be optimistic even during times when it seems like they are going to lose the game. The team knows fully well that, most of the time, what really results in losing is the mindset. If one thinks that he is about to lose, then he has already lost.

“We always believe that it’s going to come through until that last out,” Zobrist stated.“There was no panic in the dugout, there was no thought that it wasn’t going to happen. It was just, ‘When is it going to happen?’ When we make mistakes, the mantra as a team is, ‘So what, now what?’”

Kyle Schwarber also made a couple of errors all in one play. At that time, people already thought that things were in favor of the Nationals. But right after, Nationals player Sammy Solis stemmed the tide while Zobrist had a double hit, the luck of the cubs then started to change.

It wasn’t long before Albert Almora Jr. took over the plate. “When I was pinch-hitting for him, it was on the top of my mind, thinking, ‘I want to help him [Schwarber],’ and I’m glad I got the job done,” he said.

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