Young Girl Severely Injured At The Yankee Stadium

Young Girl Severely Injured At The Yankee Stadium

NEW YORK – On September 20, an accident was reported at the Yankee Stadium where a young girl suffered from internal bleeding in the brain and multiple facial fractures after being hit by a line drive.

The young girl’s father, Geoffrey Jacobson, a real estate lawyer who refused to make her child’s name public, told New York Times in an interview that her daughter had an imprint of the baseball bat stitches on her forehead. The impact also left her eyes bloodshot swollen. The poor girl,who will also be celebrating her second birthday this week, spent five days in the hospital due to this accident.

Jacobson said that the doctors are still unsure whether or not her daughter needs facial surgery. They are also still uncertain if the girl’s vision will return to normal but he pointed out their gratefulness that they get to bring her home again.

“Although there are many follow-ups (medical) and remaining medical-related questions that needed to be answered, we can never ignore how lucky we are that our daughter is home,” stated Jacobson.

Young Girl Severely Injured At The Yankee Stadium

Jacobson and her daughter, together with his parents and his four-year-old son, were attending the game while seated on the lower deck just behind the third baseline. The girl was sitting on her grandpa’s lap when she was accidentally hit by the ball that the Yankee’s Todd Frazier batted.

According to Jacobson, Frazier and he had been communicating numerous times since the incident. The Yankees also contacted him through a phone call and expressed their support for his family.

“Throughout this horrible incident, our first concern has always been the young girl’s health and we are glad to hear she has now returned home,” the Yankees told New York Times.

The Yankees also said that they would expand the stadium’s protective netting to prevent accidents like this from happening again in the future games.

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