Potential Major League Baseball Names for Portland Team

Potential Major League Baseball Names for Portland Team

PORTLAND, Ore. – Since Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred announced it, the future Portland team has been taking in name suggestions, particularly from Reddit users.

The ideas for a potential team name for the Major League Baseball were very creative and well researched. One is the Oregon Orcas. Portland is known as a port city; it has helped in preserving the lives of the orcas. The place offers orcas watching in the coast aquarium.

A Redditor suggested Portland Lumberjacks. However, the name was already used for the city’s teams for basketball, rugby, and lacrosse. Another user under the handle name UltraFinePointMarker suggested the Portland Crows since the city is the home to crows, most especially during the night.

Potential Major League Baseball Names for Portland Team

The city could also use the Portland Mavericks to pay homage to the minor league team in the 70s. The team was owned by TV actor Bing Russell, the father of Hollywood actor Kurt Russell. Bing kept it an independent baseball club.

The Portland Beavers is another option. However, the Oregon State University is already using the name across all sports. The city can also opt for Nutria, as suggested by Redditortheothertylaxguy. Some suggestions went underwater like Steelhead and Salmon.

Reddit user HandMeMyThinkingPipe suggested the Portland Publicans, as the people in the city love going to pubs to drink beer. Another option is The Decemberists, after the name of an indie rock band who originated in Portland, Oregon. It is far from the usual naming system, but it could be a good choice.

However, the Oregon Wet Sox were suggested by several Redditors. Portland is one of those cities that suffer from flooding, most especially during winter. On the contrary, the team can also be named the Oregon Hotshots because of the wildfire the city experiences each year.

The city is definitely excited and overwhelmed at the possibility of nailing it to the Major League Baseball, whatever the team names would be.

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