Kevin Pillar of Blue Jays to Undergo Two-game Suspension

Kevin Pillar of Blue Jays to Undergo Two-game Suspension

ATLANTA — Blue Jay’s center fielder, Kevin Pillar, was suspended for two games after it was jointly decided by the Major League Baseball and the Blue Jays.

This suspension was due to Pillar’s use of homophobic smear. He blurted out an offensive statement during the game between Toronto and Braves on Wednesday night.

The decision to suspend him for two games was given after the incident was discussed among the league, the MLB Players Association, and Pillar himself.

Ross Atkins, Blue Jays general manager, shared that as compensation for the remorseful attitude he showed, his two-game salary and an undisclosed fine shall be donated to causes supported by the LGBTQ community.

It was out of a strong anguish that Pillar exclaimed a homophobic slur intended for Braves reliever Jason Motte after the fifth inning strikeout. The reason for his show of attitude with the use of a derogatory statement was Motte’s quick pitch that made the former lose his patience.

Kevin Pillar of Blue Jays to Undergo Two-game Suspension1

However, Pillar humbly admitted that he felt so much remorse and embarrassment on behalf of his organization, for his family, and for himself. During a conference, he told the reporters that the incident serves as a lesson for him. He also looks forward to turning such happening into a positive one.

Pillar further admitted that such derogatory comment has no place anywhere. He didn’t expect that that kind of incident would be a big issue for everyone as he was only able to say it in the heat of the moment.

Nonetheless, what can be a great result from this mess is the realization that a mistake was done, and hopefully not to be committed again. The MLB fans are also hopeful that everyone will get by as Pillar also apologized to Motte because it is only the right thing to do.

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