Freeman is Missing 10 Weeks due to a Broken Wrist

Freeman is Missing 10 Weeks due to a Broken Wrist

ATLANTA – The Braves club had announced that their first baseman, Freddie Freeman, may miss around 10 weeks due to a fracture on his left wrist.

This was after Freeman was put on a 10-day disabled list.

Freeman got injured in the fifth inning of Wednesday night’s 8-4 win against the Blue Jays held at Suntrust Park. He was struck by Aaron Loup’s 94-mph fastball during the event.

After the incident, he had an idea that something might be wrong with his wrist, but it was only later that it was confirmed that his wrist was indeed fractured.

It was discovered that Freeman had a fracture through an MRI and CT scans on Thursday. This is considered a tough break for both the ball club and Freeman himself. According to John Hart, Braves president of baseball operations, Freeman’s absence is going to be a big hole because the games were just starting to become heated.

Freeman is Missing 10 Weeks due to a Broken Wrist1

Now, the Braves are starting to compensate Freeman’s loss by considering internal options such as Rio Ruiz and Jace Peterson. They cannot deny that Freeman had ranked second with 14 home runs and that he led the National League.

Freeman further remarked that it was truly disappointing that it had to happen after they have played good baseball as an entire team. He badly wants to help his team get back to the playoffs after four years.

He also defended Aaron Loup against speculations that what Loup did was intentional, and not an inside pitch. He noted that Loup was only trying to do his job as he was trying to get Freeman out. As it is, it was the most feasible way to pitch him inside. It was a fair game for Freeman, after all.

The Braves may be losing a seasoned team member, but all they can wish for is Freeman’s fast recovery. His wrist remains in a hard cast as of the moment.

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