Stronger and Classy: Upgraded Batting Helmets of MLB

Stronger and Classy Upgraded Batting Helmets of MLB

Matte-finish helmets are now being used by Major League Baseball teams instead of the standard glossies, and some are also moving to dimensional helmet logos instead of conventional flat decals.

Baseball uniforms are progressively developing over the years, and the batting helmet is a living proof of its development. The innovations in batting helmets’ designs have created a fashion trend that is followed by 30 Major League Baseball teams.

Atlanta Braves is one of the six teams who tried the dimensional helmet logos with a carbon fiber outline on the shell. Braves was also the first MLB team to utilize hydro dipping which is a process of applying printed graphic patterns to three-dimensional faces.

The hydro dipping process has been a practice used by many college footballs, helmet suppliers, motorcycle racing, and auto racing. This process of creating battling helmets for MLB players will be improved soon as a new hydro-dipping facility is now being established by MLB helmet suppliers and Rawlings.

Stronger and Classy - Upgraded Batting Helmets of MLB

Some of the MLB teams who showed their improved batting helmet with stronger and classier characteristics are Arizona Diamondbacks, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, San Diego Padres, Pittsburgh Pirates, Tampa Bay Rays, and Washington Nationals.

The Arizona Diamondbacks now have a snakeskin design on their helmet which complements their jerseys and caps. It looks appealing and not appalling as designs are truly eye-catching. The design of the Chicago Cubs’ helmets is more conceptual with the ivy component by the famous Wrigley Field as the basis for their helmet’s pattern.

The Detroit Tigers embraced their inner cats with the release of their orange helmet that speaks of the team’s tradition. The Houston Astros is also part of the upgrade trends in MLB batting helmets with an astronaut-inspired design that fits their suits.

Overall, the rest of the teams offer appealing designs that will add interest and excitement to the eyes of the viewers.

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