New York Mets’ Closer Jeurys Familia Might Not Join Entire Season

New York Mets’ Closer Jeurys Familia Might Not Join Entire Season

NEW YORK – The whole team of New York Mets was surprised a day before they open a series in Milwaukee when Familia was diagnosed with a blood clot in his shoulder.

Jeurys Familia, a 27-year-old professional baseball pitcher for the New York Mets, will actually undergo surgery to remove the blood clot in his shoulder. The arterial clot is a common injury for most baseball pitchers due to the repetitive motion of the shoulders when throwing the ball. The ligaments lose their tightness as they stretch repetitively.

Familia will be undergoing clot examination on Friday at the St. Louis Hospital under the supervision of Dr. Robert Thompson who is known to be best in treating baseball players’ injuries. He also treated starter Matt Harvey last year but with another type of injury – thoracic outlet syndrome.

This year’s season is getting dimmer for the New York Mets as they lose one of their key players who could help them reach the championship. A blood clot is a serious injury that requires a long duration of rest.

New York Mets’ Closer Jeurys Familia Might Not Join Entire Season

Dillon Gee, also a Mets pitcher, was diagnosed with the same shoulder pain and it took him the entire season before the wounds were healed. It might happen again to New York Mets as Familia is required to undergo surgery.

We all know that Familia did not appear much in this year’s season due to the domestic violence policy of Major League Baseball that he violated. He served a 15-game suspension that resulted in only eleven appearances in this year’s game.

He made a major lift in the league with 51 saves last year, and this made him the closer in 2015. Familia started to play in MLB last 2014, composing of 241 appearances including this year’s season.

Other known players who suffered from usual baseball player injuries are Harvey and Syndergaard, both all-star players of MLB. Syndergaard experienced shoulder and biceps discomfort which led to him missing a start in the game.

General manager Sandy Anderson will provide a more detailed statement before the game starts on Friday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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