Cardinals Lost Draft Picks, Fined $2 Million for Astros Hack

Cardinals Lost Draft Picks, Fined $2 Million for Astros Hack

ST. LOUIS, Missouri – Major League Baseball is being rocked by controversy surrounding St. Louis Cardinals’ former scouting director Chris Correa’s involvement in the hacking of the internal database of the Houston Astros.

On top of sending two top picks to the Astros, the team was also penalized with an enormous amount of $2 million in damages. The $2 million fine is the largest amount the League has ever fined a team in its history. With their draft picks gone, the Cardinals lost the enviable chance of adding key pieces in their rebuilding process.

No other team personnel from either side is involved as stated in the ruling of MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. While the Cardinals did not authorize Correa’s involvement, Manfred is still holding the team responsible for the conduct in accordance with MLBS’s policy.

The League also ordered Mr. Correa, who is currently serving a 46-month jail term in federal prison, to be placed under the permanent ineligibility list, the same list that includes Pete Rose, members of the 1919 White Sox team, and other banned baseball personalities.

Court documents outlined how Correa hacked Houston’s internal database for 48 times in a span of 2 years, allowing him to view medical reviews, scouting reports, and other exclusive information. This prompted an argument on whether Houston borrowed the Cardinals’ approach, and the data he keenly accessed clearly coincides with the work he is doing with the Cardinals. Correa, who pleaded guilty on five counts of illegal access into protected database, held a front office position which enabled him to get access into the team’s processes and decisions.

Cardinals’ general manager John Mozeliak said during a news conference held at Busch Stadium that the conduct of Correa is absolutely contrary to anything the Cardinals organization promotes. Team officials said that the ruling has put closure to a long and bruising process.

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