Baseball has gone nuts for Closing Pitchers

Closers are assumed to be the baseball equivalent of  Navy Seal. Firemen, Stoppers, Closers, Whatever you want to name them, they are hugely popular in the free-agent marketplace.

According to ESPN’s Jayson Stark, just in last week Kenley Jansen, Aroldis Chapman, and Mark Melancon earned $228 million. Total dollars Mariano Rivera received solely: $169 million.

As informed by Cots’s Baseball Contracts, Jansen (Dodgers, $80 million), Chapman (Yankees, $86 million) and Melancon (Giants, $62 million) are the three biggest deals ever given to pitchers. Not just in total contract value, but also on a per-season basis.

Have all teams gone daft?

Let’s not just put down all this on the high-budget teams that ended up with elite closers. The Marlins and Nationals likewise were apparently in on the offering. ESPN’s Jim Bowden reported that Washington offered Jansen considerably more than he acknowledged from the Dodgers.

Let it be elite or second – rated team everybody wants the best.

Closers are the last stride, not the in the first place, or even the tenth. They are the cherry on the highest point of the sundae. The Giants and Dodgers can make a claim that Melancon and Jansen are that to them. For the Yankees to do likewise with Chapman is an extend. Saying this doesn’t imply that the Yankees can’t fight, but they probably won’t have much to do with Chapman. Especially since the Yankees as of now had a quality shutting competitor in Dellin Betances.

In the interim, as the Yankees take the shot at the 2018-19 free agent class, they are bolting up space under the duty limit while trusting that Chapman holds his speed and remains something like a foundational player. It’s this last recommendation that makes these arrangements suspect. Because a closer – any closer not named Mariano Rivera – has been elite, it doesn’t mean he will remain so.

Indeed, the three closers being referred to have been among the most consistent in all of the baseball, seeing that relief pitching is ever consistent. That impression of assurance is a major part of what drove up their particular qualities. Every one of the three signing teams better trusts that this understanding remains a reality.

There are dependably unique cases and the players who populate the all-time saves list are proof of that. Any semblance of Rivera, Trevor Hoffman, Lee Smith and Billy Wagner – who have been both steady and reliable. It’s surely conceivable that Jansen, Chapman, and Melancon will wind up in a parallel way. By the by, given the history of free-agent class, it’s an expensive gamble.


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