Yankees Reduces Capacity And Adds Social Gathering Spaces

The stadium for Yankees is up for renovation. It will house a total of seven areas for social gatherings. Also, capacity will be reduced to about 2,100 seats.

What to expect with the newly renovated stadium? There will be a zone for the children. It will have a little baseball field and artificial surface. This is going to be placed on the upper deck, in the right field. The zone will include a replica of the trophy for the World Series, and playground equipment as well.

An additional of open air spaces will be placed both on the right and left the side of the restaurant. This will eliminate a blocking view of the bleacher seats. Plus, there will be rail locations of drinks inclusive of USB ports and power.

Right above the restaurant, there will be a gathering area. It will be around 3,500 square feet. Plus, there will be an additional sports lounge to be placed right on the lower deck. This will have a full bar, too. On the upper decks, party areas are going to be constructed.

The seating capacity should have been about 49,500. However, with the renovations, it will cut down a total of 600 seats in the upper deck and 1,100 bleacher seats.

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