MLB World Series Game 1: Who are the Cleveland Indians?

Who are the Cleveland Indians?

The roster:                                             Game One Starting Lineup:

# PITCHERS (12)                                  Rajai Davis CF
37 Allen, Cody                                       Jason Kipnis 2B
47 Bauer, Trevor                                    Francisco Lindor SS
52 Clevinger, Mike                                 Mike Napoli 1B
28 Kluber, Corey                                    Carlos Santana DH
53 Manship, Jeff                                    Jose Ramirez 3B
34 McAllister, Zach                                Brandon Guyer LF
54 Merritt, Ryan                                     Lonnie Chisenhall RF
24 Miller, Andrew                                   Roberto Perez C
61 Otero, Dan
31 Salazar, Danny
27 Shaw, Bryan
43 Tomlin, Josh

10 Gomes, Yan
55 Perez, Roberto

22 Kipnis, Jason
12 Lindor, Francisco
1 Martinez, Michael
26 Napoli, Mike
11 Ramirez, Jose
41 Santana, Carlos

8 Chisenhall, Lonnie
4 Crisp, Coco
20 Davis, Rajai
6 Guyer, Brandon
30 Naquin, Tyler

A little bit of history.

Cleveland has not won a World Series since 1948. 

The Indians, as a Major League Baseball franchise, was established in 1901. They won two World Series titles, in 1920 and 1948 respectively.

The team was originally established in 1894 and undergone several name changes since then – from Grand Rapids Rustlers, (based out of Michigan), to Cleveland Lake Shores, and eventually the Indians.

The team was also called Cleveland Naps, and for a time Cleveland Bluebirds. The franchise took on the name Indians in 1914.

The team is owned by Larry Dolan (Lawrence J. Dolan).

General manager of the Cleveland Indians is Mike Chernoff. The team is based out of Cleveland, Ohio and their home field is Progressive Field.


What are their chances of success this year?

This season, 2016, they finished with 94 Wins and 67 Losses (2nd in the League), about 8% better than their 2015 record, 81 Wins and 80 Losses (3rd in the league).

Their all-time high winning percentage was recorded after the 1954 regular season, with 111 Wins and 43 Losses, (.721 PCT), or (72.1%).

That year they got blown out in the World Series by the Giants. Only six years prior they won the World Series against the Braves, in 1948.

Cleveland Indians were always a solid team. Their overall season win percentage, (PCT), is .510 (51%). This means they generally win more games than they lose in a given season.

Their worst season was in 1985. That year the team won only 61 games while losing 101. The PCT for that year was .370 (37%).

The Indians are a favorite this year with 8/5 odds of winning.

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