Dodgers Pitchers Time To Shine As Clayton Kershaw Rests

Dodgers Pitchers Time To Shine As Clayton Kershaw Rests

Dodgers posts a record of 38-24 without Clayton Kershaw’s presence, thanks to his back injury that happens 2.5 months ago. This makes the team survives the regular season without one of its leading men.

This time the team needs to come up with a good strategy to bring home the bacon even without Kershaw.

It’s expected other starters should step up in every game for the playoffs. Starting off with Rich Hill on Tuesday as Dodgers headed off with the Cubs Now, it’s a deadlock to a score of 1-1. Then, as for Game 3, as well as for the 4th and 5th one will be at the Dodger Stadium. By Wednesday Julio Urias will start off, and on Thursday it would Kenta Maeda turn to shine.

LA Dodgers aim for five innings from any of the starters. This is a real goal since not all of the starters reached that number except for Kershaw during the postseason.

It should be noted that Dodgers are going to the playoffs without Kershaw help most of the time. Each of the chosen starters has his own time to shine.

Jansen stepped up. He contributes a lot to the team’s last two winnings. This led to his epic pitch of 51 on Sunday against Washington Nationals.

According to Jansen, the game dictates not him. He is not trying to put a show and become a hero for the team as he can not do it by himself. It’s the game that will give a signal as to when he is supposed to get into the field.

It is through this mentality and showmanship that Jansen garnered the admiration of his teammates. He is out there to help the LA Dodgers win the title even with a pending free agency.

Hill has gone far right after he was traded to Dodgers from Athletics. He showcases to the team what he got during his six starts. He stated that seeing Jansen and Kershaw gives him inspiration. In his statement, he clearly says that the two are incredible during the postseason.

The duo Jansen and Kershaw were the men. It is now time for other Dodgers starters like Hill and the rest to give it all and shine for each and every game in the playoffs.


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