MLB wants to press charges against beer-throwing fan

The Major League Baseball (MLB) association wants to identify and prosecute a fan who threw beer at one of the players during a match at Toronto. One fan had thrown a can of beer at the Hyun Soo Kim, an outfield for the Baltimore Orioles. The MLB wants Canadian Officials to punish the fan for throwing the beer can during an active game.

The man who threw the can of beer was a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays and the Blue Jays were playing against the Orioles during the same day.

This beer throwing problem has apparently been an on-going problem for the Rogers Centre in Toronto. The Rogers Centre in Toronto is only one of the few MLB stadiums that are not selling beers in plastic cups but in cans. The MLB is disappointed about this fact, since they have already been asking many stadiums to serve beers in a safer and more responsible way, by serving beer in soft plastic cups. Officials at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, are already working hard to ensure that stricter policies on alcohol drinking will be enforced and implemented. The same officials are also planning on tougher security measures to ensure that nothing like this beer can throwing incident happens again.

The Toronto Blue Jays had won the match that night, against the Baltimore Orioles. They were happy with the results but stated they were disappointed in that one fan who had chosen to ruin that evening’s game, as it would have otherwise been an overall good game, aside from the beer can incident.

Blue Jays fans have had a history of inappropriate behavior at the Rogers Centre during games. In 2013, a Blue Jays fan also threw a beer can at a team member of the Baltimore Orioles. The can hit the players bat during the game. In 2015, a baby was almost hit when Blue Jays fans got mad during a game with the Toronto team against the visiting Texas team.

Officials at the Toronto league were prompt to assure the MLB that they would now on be serving beer in cups instead of cans.

Investigators at the Toronto Police are already following leads on the real identity of the fan who threw the can of beer in the last game. The Toronto Police investigators have released a picture of a dark-haired man in a Blue Jays jersey and Jacket. This photo was shared by people all over the internet, going viral, in a bid to help identify the Surly fan.

The Toronto Police are urging the man to seek legal aid and turn himself in to lessen the consequences of his wrong actions. MLB and city officials want to prosecute the man, to set an example for other Blue Jays fans in Toronto.

The Mayor of Toronto, John Tory, characterized the angry fan as a loon ball, who needs to seek professional counseling help. The mayor also encourages the man to turn himself in, and he hoped that other fans would assist in determining the person.

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