Cubs changed their strategy with one thrilling winning

Many did not anticipate what just happened.

From the Giants come, Johnny Cueto, who was against the team Cubs. As always with the way Madison Bumgarner, in a similar fashion, he did during Game 7 back in the 2014 World Series. Entire Chicago could be heard with curses, and you can see one that is putting up a scene like one great freakout happening at the Wrigley Field.

According to Theo Epstein, the president of the baseball operations for the Cubs team, thought that the situation would have been that tense, and he even said that if it were to be placed on a mild sense.

However, the situation reveals that there is not going to be a Game 5.

The Cubs rode on their thrilling 6-5 victory which will lead them into the National League Championship Series; wherein they are expected to face either the Nationals or the Dodgers that is set to start in FS1 Saturday night.

They are enjoying their victory. While drenched in champagne and laughing, Epstein said that hitting before the 9th inning was way overrated for them. But on the night of Tuesday Game 4, it was what just happened. The Cubs made a hit, and barely at that, before the 9th inning. They started their winning trail at 5-2. Then after that, it seemed like all minions of hell were set loose onto the playing field.

After that, the manager of the Giants, Bruce Bochy, appears to look frustrated and dumbfounded in his office with what just happened. He saw his team with a streak of 10 wins in the elimination games but came to a very bitter and brutal end.

He admits that the happening made him feeling empty the most he had ever experienced.

Before even the game began, one of the beat writers for the Giants inquire Bochy about who will do the closing, which he gave an answer in the 9th inning, with a smile.

But the answer when it happened was no one at all.

Bochy even tried everything that he could, like he just did with the bullpen for the whole second half of the regular season. In over the span of six hitters, the Hall of Fame’s future manager used five different pitchers. And this is all that it took for the 5-2 lead to get dissolved in a 6-5 disastrous nightmare.

Like how the inning was seen as the microcosm of the season for the Giants, it was also for the Cubs as well. The veterans showed their skill like champions. The youngsters displayed skills that of a veteran. Joe Maddon, their manager, seemed to have actually deployed all of his talented rosters to their maximum effect.

Maddon pointed out that everything was planned and all of it was due to the versatility they possess. They believe the heroes for the team were the rookies.


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