George St-Pierre Seeking To Return With Renewed Vigor

George St-Pierre Seeking To Return With Renewed Vigor

TORONTO, Canada – George St-Pierre is back for more UFC action. He left four years ago after a grave beat down from welterweight title challenger Johny Hendricks. In the aftermath, St.-Pierre was left questioning his desire to carry on in the UFC, especially due to UFC’s lax doping policies.

His retirement at the age of 32, with a 25-2 record and a 12-fight winning streak, he is a considerably powerful attraction for pay-per-view.

St-Pierre will be returning to the Octagon on November 4, as UFC 217 main event at Madison Square Garden. He will be facing Michael Bisping, 38, for the middleweight belt.

He also said he doesn’t know if he has less or more fans, especially since he is an old-school guy.

Freddie Roach commented on that remark. He said St-Pierre is “old school, not old.” He had been maintaining a steady retirement contact with St-Pierre, supervising his training.

George St-Pierre Seeking To Return With Renewed Vigor

St-Pierre said that it had been in his plans to return, but if he would not have returned, some things won’t still change.

The UFC had aligned with the US Anti-Doping Agency to conduct Olympic level drug testing on fighters. The program got heavy names like Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, and even Brock Lesnar. Hendricks is currently suffering 1-4 slumps, thanks to the new program.

UFC President Dana White has more to say, especially since he had maintained that George St-Pierre is not to return for the longest time.

He seems to think that the fighter has lost the “hunger” in him, and couldn’t compete with the others anymore.

St-Pierre stated that it’s a mental game, wherein satisfaction is equal to death. According to the veteran fighter, if a person is already satisfied, it’s time for him to go home. It’s the reason why it’s hard to become a champion, and why many lose the belt shortly after winning it.

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