MMA Star Burgos Recalls Humble Beginnings in Karate School

MMA Star Burgos Recalls Humble Beginnings in Karate School

UNITED STATES – It was not an easy lane but MMA star Shane Burgos took the road less travelled to get to where he is now.

He remembers being less enthusiastic about mixed martial arts when he was younger as he took a karate class once and promised himself never to return again. When he stumbled upon shows like “The Ultimate Fighter” and “The Contender”, that is where his journey as a fighter began.

Burgos admitted on The MMA Hour that he became instantly attached to his sport while watching a UFC game. His heart for it grew larger when he joined a free month-long session of training in a karate school at New Windsor. The future MMA star was then motivated to push further.

MMA Star Burgos Recalls Humble Beginnings in Karate School

To diminish the fees he had to pay in the school, he did not mind tidying up the restrooms and mats. From then on, his humble beginnings fueled his desire to win victories in the mixed martial arts arena. After winning three belts, Burgos was reached out by the UFC for a December face-off in Albany. He can still remember how he almost went to tears after getting the call from his manager.

After defeating Tiago Trator via unanimous decision, he went on to defeating Charles Rosa via TKO. In all of these endeavors, he faced it with a wife waiting for him back home as they had a childbirth under way. Avery, his daughter who just turned five months old, is a source of inspiration for the MMA star. He recounts his daughter’s birth month, February, as the final month of his training before he goes out to compete at Buffalo.

Even as he enjoys the company of his small family and is definitely taking some time off to recuperate from his intense fight against Godofredo Pepey, he is not looking to rest upon his victories yet. Burgos is set to return to Madison Square Garden this November 4 for his next arena take-over.

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