MMA fighter takes selfie after bringing down the supposed Robber

MMA fighter

MMA fighter from Canada is experiencing a moment of viral fame for taking a selfie while taking down a man who supposedly stole his stuff.

Kevin Barkhouse, a father of two and a trained Mixed Martial Arts fighter, woke up Monday to find that his wallet and snowboarding jacket were stolen from his truck.

“I was just heading off to drop one of my daughters off at daycare and later up to Silver Star to go boarding,” he told the police.

However, he noticed some of his stuff scattered on the truck’s seats and the floor. He rushed to cancel credit cards and report the theft to police.

Moreover, a friend suggested him to take a stroll around local pawn shops.

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While driving with his brother, he staked someone wearing a jacket that bore an eerie resemblance to his own.

Barkhouse and his brother pulled over and started chatting with the two men and passed on his tale of having his truck looted.

The man, whose jacket was the same brand as Barkhouse’s, educated him he had bought it from Value Village.

Barkhouse and his brother didn’t purchase the story and asked if they wouldn’t mind emptying their bags.

The accused pair searched until for a while and then started taking their time and slowing down.

Frustrated by the delay, Barkhouse snatched the bag and reached in only to pull out his wallet.

The man holding the bag started backing up, while the other man ran off.

Barkhouse proceeded to take down the culprit for a citizen’s arrest and suppressed him until police arrived.

But before that take place, he took a selfie so he could show friends how he had found his stolen stuff.

He says he’s received an outpouring of support and some criticism, which he disregarded.

A 25-year-old culprit is now facing three charges if theft, but police recommend not trying to detain a possible suspect.

This will make it clear what those thieves experienced:


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