Anthony Joshua-Wladimir Klitschko: The Richest Fight in Boxing History?

Boxing history could be changed forever on April 29th at Wembley in London. Moreover, in a number of ways. Prevailing and defending IBF champ Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko will fight for the heavyweight title. Henceforth, this fight will likewise challenge the vacant WBA belt.

Consequently, it could crush the record for most tickets sold for a bout. The present record of almost 80,000 tickets sold was set by Carl Froch and George Groves several years back. Evidently, there are reasonable chances of 90,000 tickets being sold for the clash of generations next April.

How much will a seat cost?

If Klitschko wins, he will be one of the extremely few three-time heavyweight champions in history. However, as far as ticket prices are concerned for the showdown, the record for the most expensive ringside seat will be broken next April.

What amount for a VIP ringside seat? £800? Nope. £1,000? No. £1,500? No again. A VIP seat at ringside can be yours for,just……£2,000 (approx $2,490 the US). A regular ringside ticket will be costing around £800.

A few of us, in fact, a lot of us, will state that NO FIGHT is worth such a huge amount of cash, and is there any certification Klitschko’s test of the much more youthful and undefeated Joshua will great fight, or even a decent action? Klitschko, who, when the big fight moves around won’t have won a fight for two entire years, might have next to nothing left.

If Klitschko’s punch yield is as hopeless as it was the last time he boxed, back in November of last year when losing to Tyson Fury, fans will in no way get a two-sided, value for the money fight.

A shabby seat can be yours for £40 (prepare your binoculars!), and the pay-per-view fee will be the standard £16.95. Once more, this one will be the wealthiest and the most costly prizefight ever. We should simply hope, A: the fight conveys as far as action, and, B: fans got the strong and stacked undercard they deserve.

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