Blast from Past: On This Day, Mike Tyson Punched Out Alex Stewart

Mike Tyson lost his undisputed Heavyweight Championship to James “Buster” Douglas On February 11, 1990.

Even though Mike Tyson requested for a rematch, Douglas instead decided to fight the number one contender, Evander Holyfield.

As a result, Tyson was forced to go down the comeback ladder. His first challenger was 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist Henry Tillman, who had already trashed Tyson as an amateur on two occasions. Tillman was knocked out by 2:47 in the first round by Tyson.

Mike’s next shot attempt for his comeback was a fight versus Alex Stewart. Stewart was a strong contender who had already knocked out his opponents in all the 26 of his past victories.

Stewart came into the fight with Tyson with a 26–1 record and was a bit more challenging opponent for Tyson than the lamenting Tillman.

The Showdown

As soon as the bell was struck, Tyson went in the center of the ring and launched the attack. He gave two strong punches with his right hand, and Stewart was knocked down to the floor in just six seconds!

At the count of five Stewart managed to get back on his feet and somehow continued the fight. However, he was welcomed with a series of power punches from Tyson. There was a brief halt as Tyson slipped, but he regained his momentum and continued his punches. At 1:05 in the first round, Stewart was again knocked down by a right-hand attack from Tyson. This time he was up by the count of eight and referee Frank Cappuccino allowed Stewart to fight.

With the three knockdown rule in consideration, Tyson continued his onslaught on Stewart. Tyson was aiming to get Stewart knocked down for the third time which would give him the automatic victory.

With a low left-hand blow, Tyson knocked Stewart down for the third time at 2:27 in the round. Therefore, Tyson was claimed the victory by technical knockout.

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