Though New Song Out Now, Louis Tomlinson Gloomy as Sister, 18, Dies

Though New Song Out Now, Louis Tomlinson Gloomy as Sister, 18, Dies

Louis Tomlinson, the one-fifth member of the English-Irish pop, London-based boyband, One Direction, is reportedly feeling mixed emotions.

On Thursday last week, the “Stole My Heart” singer released “Two of Us,” his new song which is a special tribute for his late mother, Johannah Deakin.

She passed away in 2016 because of an aggressive type of leukemia she was diagnosed with earlier in that year.

The eldest of seven children, Tomlinson said that, when he learned about his mother’s death, he wanted to quit his music career.

However, he shared that his mother had very sternly advised him to just keep going in life.

Tomlinson intended to keep her memory alive, mentioning that he felt that he absolutely needed to make his latest single.

He said that composing the song made him feel musical, relieved, and healed because he was able to express his true sentiments regarding his parent’s passing.

The 27-year-old “What Makes You Beautiful” singer also relayed that he wanted his latest musical composition to help people who are also in the same situation as he is.

Today, Tomlinson has been reported to have canceled his attendance in “Comic Relief,” a charity initiative slated on Friday after learning that his sister, Félicité Grace, has tragically passed away on Wednesday.

The boyband member is reportedly distraught and devastated over his 18-year-old sister’s sudden death.

Based on multiple news outlets, Félicité suddenly collapsed and died in her apartment located in Earl’s Court in West London because of a suspected cardiac arrest.

The Scotland Yard said that someone from a residential London address called the emergency hotline 999 at noontime on March 13.

The London Ambulance Service arrived to rescue a certain female who was reported to have suffered a heart attack.

Although a single responder medic and a paramedic attempted to resuscitate Félicité, she was unfortunately pronounced deceased at the scene.

Toxicology examinations and a full post-mortem test are expected to happen. Tomlinson’s late sister was a model and a successful social media influencer.

She reportedly had more than one million followers on Instagram. Last year, Félicité disclosed to her fans that she was planning to launch her own fashion line.

She said that she would name it “Fizzy” which was her nickname.

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