Oscar Isaac Turns 40, Continues Hollywood Luster with More Projects

Oscar Isaac Turns 40, Continues Hollywood Luster with More Projects

Oscar Isaac is among the highly bankable Hollywood stars today. Last week on March 9, the Guatemala-born American actor celebrated his 40th birthday.

In an interview in the NBC morning television program, “The Today Show,” Isaac affirmed that his birthday, indeed, took place last weekend.

The New York City resident said that not everybody makes it to their fourth decade in life. Hence, he gushed that he is elated because he made it to 40 years old.

When asked about how he felt as he celebrated his birthday recently, Isaac said that he feels great and excited because he gets a fresh beginning in a new decade.

He also shared that he learned how valuable and how precious time is as a commodity. Movie enthusiasts can definitely attest Isaac as among Hollywood’s promising and prolific stars.

Born as Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada in 1979 in Guatemala City, Guatemala, he displayed his acting prowess as John, King of England in the 2010 epic historical drama movie, “Robin Hood.”

The Juilliard-educated performer also impressed the audiences when he played as Blue Jones, an orderly in a mental hospital, in the 2011 psychological fantasy action movie, “Sucker Punch.”

Film critics gave Isaac high appraisal when he thrilled them in “Ex Machina.”

This 2014 science fiction psychological thriller movie is about a programmer invited to administer the Turing test to a very bright humanoid robot.

The 2016 superhero movie “X-Men: Apocalypse” was not complete without Isaac’s performance of the titular mutant supervillain named Apocalypse.

Isaac has also graced the “Star Wars” movies starting 2015 when he had taken on the role of X-wing pilot, Pope Dameron.

He appeared in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in 2015, “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” in 2017, and this year’s “Star Wars: Episode IX.”

The actor who has been in the showbiz industry for 21 years already, confirmed that “Star Wars: Episode IX” is, indeed, the conclusion of the Skywalker saga.

Isaac also recently appeared in Netflix’s “Triple Frontier” in which he enthusiastically shared his Spanish-speaking ability to complete the film.

The father-of-one has received a Golden Globe Award nomination for the 2013 comedy-drama “Inside Llewyn Davis.”

In addition, his hard work and excellence were recognized when he won the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for “Balibo.”

In this 2009 Australian war movie, Isaac played as José Ramos-Horta, the former leader of East Timor and the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize awardee.

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