Exciting Circus Experience Awaits Audiences of “Dumbo”

Exciting Circus Experience Awaits Audiences of "Dumbo"

The world premiere of the new live-action version of the 1941 animated classic, “Dumbo,” was star-studded.

Angelina Jolie and four of her six children were in attendance in the event on Monday night in Los Angeles.

The celebrity family was among the first audiences of “Dumbo”which is among the first of the huge slate of live-action offerings of Disney this year.

In addition, Jolie and her children were the first to have the circus experience offered by the latest fantasy film directed by “Alice and Wonderland” filmmaker, Tim Burton.

At the El Capitan Theater, they relished circus-themed snacks like corn on the cob and corn dogs and witnessed acrobats dancing on the rings in the air and jugglers on stilts.

Colin Farrell, who stars in “Dumbo” as Holt Farrier, a returning circus performer after serving in the military, confirmed that the vibrant circus atmosphere in the world premiere is what audiences can exactly expect from watching the movie.

While shooting the film, he mentioned that “This is what it was like to go to the office every day,” with the dynamic energy, the flamboyant hues, and the high level of gymnastic proficiencies flowing all over the place.

“Dumbo” is reported to feature circus tents, swings, and real-life trapeze artists, providing the moviegoers the exact circus feeling.

In addition, the Ford Model T will also be seen appearing in the movie. This is the iconic vehicle considered as the first car to be made affordable to the middle class.

The young audiences are also expected to feel quite amused when they witness plenty of clowns, jugglers, fire breathers, and poodles in the film.

Eva Green, who plays as the alluring circus performer named Colette Marchant, reportedly took lessons for three months with aerialists.

The character of Dumbo and his mother, Mrs. Jumbo, are dressed through life-sized styrofoam models. Both of the elephants are computer-generated imagery creations.

“Dumbo” will be shown in theaters starting Friday, March 29.

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