Brie Larson Is Grateful for “Captain Marvel” $455-M Global Success

Brie Larson Is Grateful for "Captain Marvel" $455-M Global Success

“Captain Marvel” has been classified as a bona fide blockbuster film since its massive international opening on Friday, March 8.

In the United States, the superhero movie has raked in $153 million on its opening weekend while in foreign theaters, it grossed $302 million.

All of these earnings of the latest Marvel adventure film total to a whopping$455 million worldwide.

“Captain Marvel” is the first superhero story which is led by a female character from Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Brie Larson, who plays the titular character, is very elated with her movie’s box office success.

She dropped by an IMAX theater in New Jersey this weekend to surprise and thank the moviegoers.

Larson described them as “awesome” for viewing her film on its opening weekend.

Wearing a very comfortable “Captain Marvel”-inspired Juicy Couture sweatsuit, the 29-year-old actress served popcorn and soda to her fans who greeted her with a massive round of applause and a standing ovation.

Marvel Entertainment shared some images of Larson who was relishing her interaction with the moviegoers while providing her assistance behind the counter.

Recently, Larson also expressed her tremendous gratitude for being cast as the lead for “Captain Marvel.”

She mentioned that she felt she was given a groundbreaking role for the joint Disney and Marvel Studios production which enabled her to be a champion of female actresses and other races in the entertainment industry.

“Captain Marvel” has garnered mostly positive reviews from film evaluators. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a “Certified Fresh”appraisal.

Larson plays as Carol Danvers, an earth woman in “Captain Marvel.”

She becomes a component of Kree, an alien race in a galactic battle against the Skrulls, a group of alien shapeshifters.

Danvers later discovers herself back in Planet Earth in the 1990s where she encounters Colonel Nicholas Joseph Fury as portrayed by a digitally de-aged Samuel L. Jackson.

Fury assists Danvers in learning about her forgotten origins as a pilot in the Air Force.

She goes into a journey of self-discovery and later on finds herself as the mighty heroine named Captain Marvel.

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