Hans Zimmer’s “Earth” to Educate the Youth about Classical Music

Hans Zimmer's "Earth" to Educate the Youth about Classical Music

When it comes to cinematic film scores, Hans Zimmer is indubitably an institution.

The German film soundtrack composer and record producer has certainly made Hollywood films tremendously gripping with his unparalleled genius in creating musical compositions.

Moreover, Zimmer has made the end credits portion of movies still worth watching through his catchy and magnificent themes.

The audiences definitely did not leave their seats at the cinema right away when the end credits rolled up for the 2011 film, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.”

The movie, which featured Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law, was consummated by Zimmer’s snappy soundtrack that was musically influenced by classical and Romani music.

In 2012, Batman enthusiasts certainly enjoyed “The Dark Knight Rises” with the German maestro’s thunderous soundtrack.

The superhero film featured the theme, “Rise,” and the end credits score also titled, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

These musical compositions instilled senses of grandeur that surely made cinephiles download and carry on listening to these masterful works by Zimmer after they have seen the movie which starred Hollywood A-lister, Christian Bale, as Bruce Wayne.

In addition, the original film soundtrack for the 2014 movie, “Interstellar,” featured rapturous sounds of the organ, with Zimmer successfully making the audience profoundly feel both the power and the hazards of traveling to space.

This year, the Academy Award-winning musical composer is taking part in the classical music education show of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The BBC has commissioned Zimmer to compose a classical musical piece. His contribution will educate the youth more about the time-honored genre.

Zimmer’s composition is titled, “Earth.” It comprises an ensemble of young voices singing in which he described as the “backdrop of our magnificent, precious planet.”

The soundtrack maker’s classical piece will be included in the BBC album named, “Ten Pieces Trailblazers” which is an anthology of groundbreaking composers and their first-rate musical compositions.

Zimmer’sclassical piece will be featured in the musical compilation that also includes the works of acclaimed American pianist and classical music composer, George Gershwin, and Ravi Shankar, the Indian musician who also collaborated with The Beatles.

Zimmer cited that he is honored to have the BBC ask him to compose a piece for the BBC “Ten Pieces Trailblazers” series.

He remarked that it is in his hope that “Earth” will be the perfect launchpad to drive creativity and appreciation of classical music in the classrooms.

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