Jessie J Advises Fans to Pursue Their Passions to Combat Depression

Jessie J Advises Fans to Pursue Their Passions to Combat Depression

Jessie J has had a rocky beginning of 2019 that has reportedly made her experience severe depression.

The “Price Tag” musician learned from her physician lately that she is struggling with infertility.

Jessie J had confirmed this unfortunate news during her show at the Royal Albert Hall in November.

Then, before the start of this year, his long-time bodyguard identified only with the first name, Dave, suddenly passed away in a tragic manner.

The 30-year-old singer has allegedly been wallowing in depression because she also counted her security guard as among her close friends.

Jessie J even mentioned on social media that she had considered Dave as “family” and that they shared unforgettable and meaningful moments together.

Another difficult situation that has made the songstress feel tremendously downcast is her management, MDDN, dropping her at the onset of the year.

The “Bang Bang” singer and songwriter is no longer working with Good Charlotte’s Benji and Joel Madden who was her managers at MDDN.

Finally, Jessie J’s personal assistant, who she also nurtured an intimate relationship with, had also left recently.

Considering these events in her life that consequently made her feel solitary and desolate, the perky performer found it comfortable, to be honest with her emotions on social media.

This week, Jessie J posted a live video on her Instagram account, tearfully playing the piano and singing some lines of an unnamed song.

Then, she captioned it with her perspective about depression and anxiety which is the global dilemma presently rising to a skyrocketing level worldwide.

Jessie J advised her fans to always be truthful about how they feel.

Instead of suffering quietly, she cited that being open about the instances when they feel crestfallen and crying is the best way to deal with mental health concerns like depression which has seriously and fatally caused massive loss of lives.

Jessie J shared that as a normal human being these days, she also has the unhappy episodes that make her break down and weep like the latest hapless events she is dealing with.

In these times, she said that people should instead cultivate their happiness from within themselves rather than depend on others as a source.

Jessie J pointed out that people are the only ones who could make themselves feel contented with their existence.

In addition, she recommended people to engage in activities that they are passionate about.

Among these pursuits are painting, singing, drawing, writing, walking, or merely being calm as effectual emotional outlets helping them combat their downbeat emotions.

Jessie J is currently braving the storms she is grappling with by being optimistic that she would become a mother eventually.

In addition, she is occupied with mentoring young aspiring performers as one of the resident coaches in “The Voice Kids UK.”

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