Bill Cosby is Happy, Physically and Mentally Healthy in Jail

Bill Cosby is Happy, Physically and Mentally Healthy in Jail

Andrew Wyatt, Bill Cosby’s lawyer, shared pertinent information regarding his client’s current health situation.

He cited that the disgraced comedian is presently in sound physical and mental health condition.

Wyatt said that Cosby has been losing significant amounts of weight while he is behind bars. To keep himself in shape, he has been performing physical exercises alone.

The 81-year-old former Hollywood star would wake up in as early as 3:30 A.M., doing sit-ups, leg lifts, crunches, and push-ups in his cell prior to having his breakfast.

As for his special dietary plan, Cosby reportedly has stopped drinking coffee and avoids bread and indulging in desserts.

Wyatt also remarked that Cosby has maintained being mentally healthy. He mentioned that his client has, apparently, acclimated well to prison life.

Cosby’s spokesman said that the legendary comic, who was once nicknamed as “America’s Dad” for playing as the beloved Dr. Cliff Huxtable in “The Cosby Show,” has overall been in good spirits.

He said that the veteran film and television actor is “mentally strong.” Cosby is reported to remain defiant against his accusers.

He has continued to believe that he did not do anything wrong, except being unfaithful to Camille Cosby, his wife of 55 years.

Wyatt further described Cosby’s stint at the SCI Phoenix prison, saying that he is having a fun time mingling with and motivating the other inmates.

Cosby actually used the expression, “amazing,” to paint a picture of how well he is doing while incarcerated, his attorney shared.

Cosby remains optimistic that he will be able to get out of prison and not have to complete his 10-year sentence.

Wyatt stated that his client has been busy working on new creative projects and has been planning his next agenda once he leaves the prison.

Cosby is identified as inmate NN7687 at the maximum-security prison in Pennsylvania. He has been moved into the general population section of the jail on January 28.

Now, he is allowed to spend out-of-cell time with other inmates in a central day room or yard where they can watch television, play cards, exercise, socialize, and enjoy other games.

In September 2018, the once-venerable stand-up comedian was found guilty of sexually assaulting and drugging Andrea Costand.

The crime happened in his home located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania sometime in 2004. Cosby has been convicted to serve jail time for three to ten years.

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