Justin Bieber Discovers Life’s Security via Belief in God, Marriage

Justin Bieber Discovers Life's Security via Belief in God, Marriage

According to Celebrity Net Worth and WealthyGorilla.com, Justin Bieber presently has a net worth amounting to $265 million.

The Canadian singer is just 24 years old and has been famous since he was 13 years old.

Bieber garnered massive followers as a teenager from Ontario who left young girls gushing over his then-adolescent singing voice and people from all walks of life mystified by his charm.

Considering his immense popularity, wealth, and youth, Bieber can actually perform anything he desires since he undoubtedly has tremendous financial freedom.

In a recent long-form interview with Vogue Magazine, the “One Time” singer remarked that he owned a capuchin monkey because, “It’s like, if you had the money that I had, why wouldn’t you get a monkey? You would get a monkey!”

He emphasized the staggering amount of money he had at his disposal as a response to the media that has been aggressively cataloging his series of offenses, which included having a helpless capuchin monkey seized by customs officials in Germany.

As a growing young man exposed to fame and fortune, these things took a toll on Bieber. Little did his fans know about his genuine struggles as a popular young superstar.

Bieber shared that his mother had frequent bouts with depression. In addition, his father grappled with anger management issues. These realities severely impacted him.

Bieber felt lost as he was overwhelmed by the truth that he has been well-known as a huge star internationally at such a young age.

He revealed that he had personal troubles when it comes to promiscuity. He became a sex addict to compensate for his dearth of self-worth.

In addition, the “Sorry” singer admitted that he extremely abused Xanax.

The drug intended to tranquilize people suffering from anxiety and panic disorders helped him deal with the shame he felt with his sex addiction.

Bieber also mentioned that he had been battling depression, leading him to cancel the remaining 14 shows of his Purpose World Tour.

Now married to a model, Hailey Baldwin-Bieber, the commercially successful musician intends to find time in assessing his life and his direction.

Through his partner and his ties with charismatic mega-church organization, Hillsong, Bieber desires to rectify his past shortcomings which he understands were all a part of his youth and his status as a famous celebrity.

The “Love Yourself” artist revealed that he believes in God and that the story about Jesus Christ is real.

Bieber and his wife both admitted that marriage is a tough and frightening situation since they are young and things could certainly modify in the years to come that may adversely impact their relationship.

Nevertheless, they assured each other that they will stick together regardless of the events that would happen.

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