“Toy Story 4” to Excite Family Audiences as Summer Movie of 2019

"Toy Story 4" to Excite Family Audiences as Summer Movie of 2019

Millennial parents who grew up following the witty and ebullient talking toys of the “Toy Story” movie franchise will definitely look forward to watching “Toy Story 4” with their children.

The upcoming 3D computer-animated movie is scheduled to be released in cinemas nationwide on June 21, the first day marking the summer solstice.

The comedy film will still feature its staple stars. Among them is Woody, the pull-string cowboy doll as voiced by veteran Hollywood actor, Tom Hanks.

Buzz Lightyear, the slick space ranger action figure that has been on the “Toy Story” movie franchise for more than 20 years already, will also appear in the sequel to “Toy Story 3” which was released nine years ago.

Tim Allen’s voice will still be heard, giving life to the slick space ranger toy who served as the frenemy-turned-best friend of Woody.

Hanks and Allen paid emotional tributes to their characters and the film franchise as they reached the finale of recording their roles for “Toy Story 4” this week.

News sources did not mention if the duo will no longer be featured in future “Toy Story” films and if “Toy Story 4” would be the last installment of the franchise.

In “Toy Story 4,” enthusiasts of the movie will come across new characters like the plastic spork named Forky who is voiced by “The Angry Birds Movie” actor, Tony Hale.

In addition, a pair of carnival prize stuffed toys will grace the fourth installment of Pixar’s “Toy Story” series.

They are Bunny, as voiced by “Storks” voice actor, Jordan Peele, and Ducky, as portrayed by Keegan-Michael Key who was a cast member of “Mad TV” for six seasons.

“The Matrix” superstar, Keanu Reeves, is lending his voice to the heroic, Duke Kaboom, who is also a newcomer in the toy box.

To further heighten the family audiences’ excitement, a sneak preview of “Toy Story 4” will be aired on Sunday right after the Super Bowl LIII presentation.

This movie production of the Pixar Animation Studios is directed by Josh Cooley.

He has contributed as a storyboard artist in successful animated films like “Inside Out,” “Cars,” “Ratatouille,” “The Incredibles,” and “Up.”

“Toy Story 4” will be available to watch in IMAX 3D, RealD 3D, and Dolby Cinema in the summer.

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