Pink’s Bold Idealism Demonstrates the Motherly Side of Her

Pink's Bold Idealism Demonstrates the Motherly Side of Her

Pop singer Pink has been recognized not only for her two-decade successful singing career but for her marked unapologetic assertiveness.

It is plain to see that the performer shares her maternal concern to her fans and the people not only in her country but also around the world.

Pink made headlines lately after giving remarks, obviously chastising Catholic school student, Nicholas Sandmann.

The latter and his schoolmates allegedly disrespected a Native American man named Nathan Phillips in Washington, D.C., which triggered outrage nationwide.

The students from the Kentucky exclusive school for boys reported having mocked Phillips with tomahawk-chop gestures as the elderly attempted to referee the tension between the young men and a horde of Black Israelites.

On her official Instagram page, Pink asserted that her father, who was a Vietnam War veteran, raised her to be respectful to others.

She cited that she was molded to honour the military men and women who served in international battles and sacrificed their lives for the country.

The 39-year-old mother of two expressed that her upbringing involved learning to believe in justice, with people rightfully rewarded for their hard work.

Pink lashed out against Internet trolls who do not support her views and continue to berate other people.

She also expressed her tremendous disenchantment with the current situation of the society, characterized by political polarization between those who support the Republican and the Democratic political parties.

Pink compared the country’s condition to the bitter divorce of her parents when she was just nine years old.

The outspoken “There You Go” singer shared that the devastating event inspired her to write her 2002 song, “Family Portrait.”

Pink staunchly affirmed that she courageously stands by her perspectives because her father taught her such value, even if she was the only one in the world with her opinion.

With her legal name as Alecia Beth Moore, the Pennsylvania-born versatile performer expressed that she is all about love for others and peace.

Among the obvious indicators of her maternally idealistic principles are herself serving as a UNICEF ambassador.

The “Whataya Want from Me” songwriter not only desires the best for her children and her family but also the world’s children.

Carey Hart is Pink’s husband of 13 years, and their two children are daughter Willow, 7, and son Jameson, 2.

Hart has reportedly been supportive of his wife with her stance against her critics.

She supports children’s charities like No Kid Hungry, Autism Speaks, Make a Wish Foundation, and the Human Rights Campaign.

To recognize her contribution to the music industry, Pink will be honored with the 2,656th star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 5.

On Thursday, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce made it known to the public that the singer is deserving of the honor for being an extraordinary and talented artist that has given “joy and surprise” to the public.

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