MPAA Induction to Help Netflix in Fighting Piracy Violators

MPAA Induction to Help Netflix in Fighting Piracy Violators

Netflix is expected to focus on combating copyright infringement transgressors as it joins the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) Tuesday.

The Los Gatos, California-headquartered subscription video-on-demand (SVoD) firm is viewed to be greatly in agreement with the stringent position of the MPAA against piracy.

Netflix has been expanding its titles for exclusive programming and films.  Moreover, it has been immensely growing its business operations overseas.

This week, its Spanish-language drama, “Roma” received 10 Academy Award nominations, including the Best Picture accolade.

In addition, the streaming service company’s success is marked by the total of 15 Academy Award nominations it garnered for the upcoming 91st Oscars ceremony which will be held on February 24.

Considering the unprecedented and inevitable prosperity that Netflix is currently enjoying, it has also, unfortunately, been grappling with perpetrators of intellectual property rights infringement.

In a 2018 report released by Sandvine, a major research and network firm, original series by Netflix such as “House of Cards” is among the most pirated shows worldwide.

Since online streaming content is increasing its popularity on a global scale, more audiences would want to view the shows it offers.

However, it is certainly very expensive for every consumer to subscribe to various SVoD services aside from Netflix in order to watch the famous original series.

Hence, what they would normally do is to subscribe to one online streaming service to access well-known original content and then just illegally download the other acclaimed programs.

This violation of copyright laws has troubled Netflix,  especially since it has concentrated on creating branded content.

Furthermore, it has been greatly interested in spending billions of dollars to recruit talented performers.

As the MPAA serves as the lobbying organization that also involves leading Hollywood legacy studios like Disney, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Universal, and Sony, Netflix has found an ally.

In addition, the SVoD firm has found the platform wherein it will be able to voice out its stance of eradicating the crime of piracy.

Over the past two years, Netflix and its streaming rival, Amazon, have advocated on combating copyright infringement.

Through the Alliance of Creativity and Entertainment, the two leading SVoD companies have worked with the MPAA members and a group of other content makers in safeguarding themselves against the piracy felons.

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