“Supergirl” Movie Getting More Certain with New Info Emerging

“Supergirl” Movie Getting More Certain with New Info Emerging

The reported “Supergirl” movie is gradually crystallizing with new details released on the Internet.

Warner Brothers Entertainment has not officially announced that the film will definitely be released.

However, various online sources have provided pieces of information regarding the movie. The creation of the film project first surfaced in August last year in a Forbes article.

DC Films and Warner Brothers Entertainment are reportedly collaborating in the production of the film about Kara Zor-El, the cousin of Superman.

“Supergirl” is viewed as a possible reboot of the “Superman” film franchise.

Oren Uziel, who wrote the script for the 2014 movie, “22 Jump Street,” is reported to be the scriptwriter for the superhero project about the Maiden of Might.

The storyline of the superhero film is reported to be a back story. It would reveal how the Last Son of Krypton’s cousin became “Supergirl” and may unveil her mission in the world.

The setting of “Supergirl” is reported to be the time before the arrival of Superman on Earth. Hence, she would be presented as coming to the world before the Man of Steel.

The film will happen half the time on the Earth and half in outer space, leading to the contemporary era.

“Supergirl” will be featured as a teenage character. In the upcoming film, she is reported to be battling Brainiac, the alleged primary antagonist also known as the Collector of Worlds.

The release dates of “Supergirl” in the US and other countries have not been provided yet as of the moment.

The “Supergirl” movie project is the second time that the female fictional superhero has appeared on the silver screen.

The first was in 1984 in which the live-action screenplay adaptation featured actress, Helen Slater.

“Supergirl” has been present in the famous TV show since 2015 with singer-actress Melissa Benoist currently portraying the title role in the drama series.

Moreover, she has been featured in TV programs like “Legends of Tomorrow,” “Arrow,” and “Flash” aired on The CW Television Network.

Considering the massive popularity of “Suicide Squad’s” Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman, DC Entertainment and Warner Brothers are apparently showing interest in focusing on lesser-known female characters.

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