“Channel Zero” Had Engaging Offerings but Viewership Count Failed

"Channel Zero" Had Engaging Offerings but Viewership Count Failed

After four seasons, horror enthusiasts are lamenting the cancellation of “Channel Zero” on Syfy.

Fans expressed their dismay online as they would no longer get to watch the acclaimed horror anthology TV series on the network. “Channel Zero” offered distinctive stories.

In each of the four seasons that viewers relished, the storylines were based on well-known “creepypastas” or scary stories and images shared on the Internet.

The titles of the seasons are “Candle Cove” for season 1 and “The No-End House” for season 2. Meanwhile, season 3 was titled “Butcher’s Block,” and “The Dream Door” related to season 4.

Since the launch of the TV series in October 2016, these creepypasta shows included themes of supernatural happenings, murder, and other subjects that gave goosebumps to the audiences.

“Channel Zero” creator, Nick Antosca, communicated his views to the fans of the TV series through his official Instagram account.

He cited that he feels disappointed as his show would no longer be available on Syfy.

Antosca expressed his gratitude to the audience who showed their unwavering support for the horror TV program.

He cited that he is profoundly thankful for the experience of writing and producing “Channel Zero.”

Moreover, he also acknowledged the contribution of the writers, actors, crew, artists, editors, and composers who made the show possible.

Antosca assuaged the frustration of the enthusiasts of “Channel Zero” by informing them that its seasons one to three are available on Shudder.

This is the over-the-top subscription video-on-demand offering of the AMC Networks. Shudder presents thriller, supernatural, and horror content.

The executive producer of “Channel Zero” also confirmed that season four of the program would soon be available on Shudder.

Syfy has been reported to terminate the airing of “Channel Zero” because of its consistently low ratings.

Although reports point out that fans praise the series as among the greatest horror TV program, the season four of “Channel Zero” merely averaged 265,000 viewers.

Syfy reckoned these viewership numbers as inadequate to keep the TV series airing, hence removing it from the network’s program lineup.

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