Nicholas Sparks “Thrilled” for “The Notebook” Going to Broadway

Nicholas Sparks "Thrilled" for "The Notebook" Going to Broadway

New York Times best-selling writer, Nicholas Sparks, is excited because his 1996 romantic novel, “The Notebook” is being adapted as a Broadway musical.

Sparks is well-known for his literary works that have tugged readers’ heartstrings and are relatable because they are about the basic human emotion of love and compassion.

Among his works which have been adapted to the screenplay is the 2002 romantic drama movie, “A Walk to Remember” starring singer-actress, Mandy Moore.

Romantic film enthusiasts certainly found this lighthearted film unforgettable.

“Dear John” is a 2010 romantic drama and war movie starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried which was also based on Sparks’ literary piece.

The 2012 movie, “The Lucky One” starring Zac Efron and Taylor Schilling is also among Sparks’s works that relate to the expression of love.

On Thursday, the 53-year-old author shared the news on his official Twitter account that “The Notebook” is coming to New York theaters.

He also mentioned that “This is Us” producer, Bekah Brunstetter, will be the writer and the upcoming play’s music and lyrics will be composed by musician and actress, Ingrid Michaelson.

Sparks expressed his trust in Brunstetter and Michaelson, remarking that they are “amazingly talented.”

The romance novelist and screenwriter also affirmed that his best-selling novel is “near and dear” to his heart.

“The Notebook” was the first published novel of Sparks. In 1996, it debuted in the best-seller list of the New York Times on its first week of publication.

The book was turned into a film in 2004. The screenplay adaptation featured “La La Land” actor, Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun, and “Sherlock Holmes” actress, Rachel McAdams as Allison “Allie” Hamilton.

“The Notebook” centered on the life of a couple who shared a tumultuous and impassioned relationship in 1940s North Carolina.

The impoverished quarry laborer developed a romantic relationship with the young heiress. The story involved their separation.

However, later in their lives, they were able to find their way back to each other. Fans of “The Notebook” turned romantic and dreamy.

Reading the book and watching the movie made them believe that there is certainly the concept of having a destined lifetime partner.

“The Notebook” communicates that lovers who are meant for each other will be able to reconnect at some point in their existences, regardless of the unfortunate and unpredictable scenarios that they face in life.

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