Will Poulter Safeguards His Mental Health from Social Media Hazards

Will Poulter Safeguards His Mental Health from Social Media Hazards

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been in operation for more than a decade already.

They were welcomed with open arms worldwide as they answered the call of people needing to reconnect and maintain ties with their loved ones who may be afar.

In addition, aside from building new friendships among their users through thoughts and image-sharing, they were able to grow businesses in the age of technology.

However, after years have passed, social media websites’ severe negative impacts to the users have made headlines.

Suicide, depression, social crimes, and other mental health issues have bedeviled the world’s social media users.

Psychology and medical experts have chorused that the “compare-and-despair” tendency which social media platforms instill among its users is among the factors to blame.

Moreover, a significant amount of time is spent and wasted by users who may be better off cultivating their offline life by making real relationships rather than online ones.

Celebrities are not excused to this realization. Will Poulter is among the latest movie personalities who have decided to take an indefinite break from social media usage.

On Wednesday, Poulter said that he will not use his Twitter account for the meantime in order to protect his mental well-being.

The 25-year-old actor informed his fans that he has grappled in dealing with the positive and negative effects of social media on his mental health.

Hence, the “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” thespian thought that it would be best not to continue revealing his personal insights on Twitter.

He thanked his fans and cited that his social media hiatus is temporary. In September, Kanye West ascribed the high suicide rates to widespread social media usage.

He said that people are taking their own lives because they are “not getting enough likes.” The rapper and fashion designer blamed social media for prodding its users to seek validation.

In a Twitter message to his fans, West said that social media metrics like the number of likes, comments, and followers should be turned off because these details have an extreme adverse effect on the people’s self-worth.

Ed Sheeran had also decided on a social media break in 2015 and in 2017.  The “Thinking Out Loud” singer grumbled that one negative comment would sabotage his day.

He said that he merely could not endure reading the negative messages posted by trolls against him.

In 2017, Sean Parker, co-founding president of Facebook, affirmed that the famous social media platform operates in a social-validation feedback loop which abuses its users’ psychological vulnerability.

Concerned with the young social media users’ mental health, he noted that Mark Zuckerberg’s platform and other social media websites were created to consume much of the users’ time and conscious attention as possible.

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