Kevin Spacey Defends Homosexuality on a Riposte against Accusers

Kevin Spacey Defends Homosexuality on a Riposte against Accusers

As he responds to the sexual allegation filed against him, Kevin Spacey’s celebration of Christmas and New Year may not be delightful.

On Christmas Eve, the “House of Cards” actor posted a YouTube video on his Twitter account.

The presentation showed himself speaking as if he was portraying his role as Congressman Frank Underwood, the Democrat politician in the critically acclaimed Netflix political thriller.

Spacey appeared to be alluding to his accusers and critics. Titled, “Let Me Be Frank,” the YouTube video showed the Hollywood actor making a riposte for roughly three minutes.

He informed the unidentified person he was talking to that he knew what he desired from him. He said that they had a “too strong, too powerful” connection and that they knew each other quite well.

The “American Beauty” star communicated to the person he was talking to in the video that he may have wanted him back in his life.

The 59-year-old actor also told his video’s audiences not to believe the allegations against him, especially without being aware of the facts.

Spacey requested them not to quickly judge him as he reckoned they were more intelligent not to do so.

On Monday, the two-time Academy Award-winning actor whose showbiz career has spanned almost four decades was charged with battery and indecent assault.

On January 7, Spacey will be arraigned at the Nantucket District Court in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

Spacey’s accuser is the son of Heather Unruh, the former News Center 5-Boston’s anchor. According to the victim, on the night of July 7, 2016, Spacey initially urged him to get intoxicated.

Then, Unruh’s son revealed that the Juilliard-educated actor groped him. Police documents have been released on December 26.

It comprised sworn affidavits from Spacey’s accuser, his girlfriend, a bartender at the Nantucket bar where the alleged incident took place, and other people connected to the incident.

In October 2017, Spacey had also used Twitter to honestly express his stance regarding the sexual assault accusation against him.

The “Usual Suspects” actor had confirmed that he had romantic relationships with women and men, a private fact which people close to him are aware of.

In addition, Spacey had made it known to the public that he had already opted to live as a homosexual man.

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