“Bumblebee” Director: 1980s Backdrop is Just Fitting for the Movie

"Bumblebee" Director: 1980s Backdrop is Just Fitting for the Movie

Travis Knight, the director of the upcoming movie, “Bumblebee” expressed his justification for the setting of the film.

He remarked that the mid-1980s was the time when the Transformers began and rose to fame.

Hence, being his live-action debut movie, Knight said that it would be appropriate to choose the 1980s as the time when the events in “Bumblebee” took place, although this feature may bore today’s audiences.

Sharing his personal experiences, the “Bumblebee” director noted that he was able to relate to the film because the “Transformers” characters like Optimus Prime were significant parts of his childhood memories.

Knight said that he was exposed to these animated characters as he already lived during the 1980s as a child.

He cited that it would be an opportunity for him to reminisce his past experiences. The film features the social fabric and music during the period which was over thirty years ago.

“Bumblebee” takes the audiences back to memory lane when the Transformers toys were initially released in store shelves in the 1980s.

Set in 1987, the movie happens following the premiere of the foremost “The Transformers: The Movie,” an animated 1986 film that was a component of the well-known children’s cartoon series.

The rock song, “The Touch,” by Stan Bush featured in “Bumblebee” was also a part of the 1986 film.

By including a full scene on Cybertron, the home planet of the Transformers, Knight shared that director Michael Bay supported his insights for the movie.

He also made the Transformers in “Bumblebee” appear more “Generation 1” or “G1” which was derived from the first cartoons and toys.

Aside from connecting with Bay’s box office-topping “Transformers” franchise, Knight remarked that it was also important for “Bumblebee” to have a “deep connective tissue” with the beginnings of the “Transformers” series.

“Bumblebee” features singer-actress Hailee Steinfeld portraying Charlie Watson, a teenage misfit whose life suddenly changes when she found a yellow Volkswagen car in a junkyard.

Being mechanically inclined, she becomes interested in the vehicle which turned out to be a Transformer in disguise.

Bumblebee unveils his true self to Charlie, and they form an unexpected friendship. On December 21, “Bumblebee” is scheduled to be released in cinemas.

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