Paul McCartney’s New Song Advocates Spreading Care and Kindness

Paul McCartney's New Song Advocates Spreading Care and Kindness

In today’s time when people of all ages and backgrounds suffer bullying, cyber-bullying, depression, and suicide, Sir Paul McCartney is responding to these global concerns by releasing a new song.

On Sunday evening, the member of the legendary Beatles released “Who Cares” alongside a musical short film at the Fine Arts Theater in Beverly Hills, California.

Directed by Brantley Gutierrez and Ryan Heffington, the video presentation also included “La La Land” actress, Emma Stone.

The entertainment duo presented the anti-bullying message of the new song with McCartney playing as a “Behavioral Hypnotist Meteorologist” who hypnotizes Stone as his patient.

Employing a cartoon-like pinwheel machine, he examines the origins of her trauma and presents an amusing dream sequence with harlequins and mime-like dancers.

The 76-year-old musical legend’s song goes, “Who cares what the idiots say? / Who cares what the idiots do? / Who cares about the pain in your heart? / Who cares about you? / I do.”

The hashtag #WhoCaresIDo accompanies the music video which supports spreading universal positivity.

It is also the banner of the current campaign which aims to ignite positive social change, helping harassment victims get the help they need and to promote kindness and support for one another.

The #WhoCaresIDo project is a brainchild of the international non-profit organization, Creative Visions Foundation.

In a press release, McCartney cited that he hopes his song would alleviate the negative feelings of children who are victims of bullying.

He said that such type of maltreatment could be defied, treated with a laugh, and be overcome eventually.

Kathy Eldon, the head of Creative Visions Foundation, remarked that 2019 should be a year of caring.

As today’s bullying victims believe that there are no people who care about them, they are determined to end their existence. This problem is what Eldon’s campaign is aiming to curtail.

She said that there should be a change in consciousness. This would involve resolving social dilemmas of people who have been harassed, depressed, and led to believe that life is futile.
McCartney’s latest project, “Who Cares,” is exclusively available on Apple Music and has been released on Monday.

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