Cuarón Is Certified Mexican National Treasure with “Roma”

Cuarón Is Certified Mexican National Treasure with “Roma”

Mexican film director, Alfonso Cuarón, is certainly making his native country proud. His original Netflix film, “Roma,” has been raking in numerous recognitions lately.

Cuarón is an Academy Award-winning director notable for his previous films like “Y Tu Mamá También,” “Gravity,” and “Children of Men.”

Today, his ensemble of acclaimed works grows as the Los Angeles Film Critics Association has honored his dignified drama drawn from his formative years as the best movie for 2018.

In addition, Cuarón also garnered the award for best cinematography which he would also receive in a special ceremony on January 12.

Mexico has chosen “Roma” as the nation’s foreign-language entry for the 91st Academy Awards.

Produced by Participant Media and Esperanto Filmoj, the movie is being considered for the best picture accolade.

This would be the first nomination for Netflix in the renowned film awarding ceremony. The New York Film Critics Circle has given Cuarón’s black-and-white masterpiece with the top prize as the best movie of the year as well.

In September, “Roma” won the Golden Lion for Best Film at the 75th Venice International Film Festival.

“Roma” also obtained three Golden Globe Award nominations. With the massive commendation that the film is presently amassing, Netflix has decided to present “Roma” in over 100 theaters in the United States starting November 21.

The streaming service giant also intends to open “Roma” in more than 40 territories and over 500 cinemas worldwide.

Netflix has announced that the film has already sold out movie theaters in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Mexico City, and London.

As the film is set in 1970s Roma, an upper-middle-class village of Mexico City, Mexican audiences have felt both pride and passion for Cuarón’s project.

Following “Roma fever” is the surge in the number of cinemas exhibiting the movie. Cuarón’s work employs his bravura to express his heartfelt nostalgia.

The profoundly personal movie focuses on the life and times of Cleo, a hardworking and impressionable servant.

She is instrumental in delivering a family through a marital failure and other related distressing experiences.

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