Harvey Weinstein Attorney: Client’s Lawsuit a Wellspring of Agony

Harvey Weinstein Attorney: Client’s Lawsuit a Wellspring of Agony

The legal counsel of disgraced former Hollywood movie producer, Harvey Weinstein, has spoken about what he thinks of his client’s case Wednesday.

Benjamin Brafman communicated his sentiments in an interview, mentioning that it is part of his job to help his client both in the courtroom and in the public sphere where Weinstein is being tried.

He said that the criminal case faced by Weinstein has been chaotic. The media, as well as writers of books and articles sensationalizing the issue, have been commonplace fiercely attacking his client.

Weinstein’s legal team has been firing on all cylinders to disprove the allegations of their client’s detractors.

In May, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office brought in a strong sexual assault lawsuit against the embattled movie mogul.

Then, earlier in November, Brafman filed a motion requesting to dismiss all the charges against Weinstein.

Among these accusations were made by a woman identified as Mimi Haleyi who purported that Weinstein forced her into performing oral intercourse with him.

Weinstein’s attorney argued that the accuser demonstrated her interest on his client, even sending a text message to him asking if he would be interested in a rendezvous before leaving for an unidentified destination.

Hence, Brafman, alongside Weinstein’s other lawyers, all have contended that the sexual acts reportedly instigated by their client with his alleged victims are all consensual in nature.

Further rubbing salt into Weinstein’s wounds was the e-mail which he reportedly wrote on Monday.

In the written communication, the beleaguered former Hollywood film executive honestly spoke about his sentiments regarding the current year.

He said that he has had “one hell of a year” as he faced the torments from his accusers. The written communication was immediately exposed in Hollywood, drawing backlash from Weinstein’s detractors.

Brafman said that his client’s e-mail was not a component of any defense strategy that his party is imposing.

The Miramax co-founder claimed that he was merely communicating to his “close friends.” Weinstein has been accused by over 80 women of decades-long sexual assault or harassment.

Among them are famous actresses led by Rose McGowan, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd, Kate Beckinsale, and Cara Delevingne, among others.

The anti-sexual harassment and assault campaign, the Me Too Movement, is an offshoot of his case.

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