Ariana Grande Slams Cyber-Bullying, Cares about Ex’s Mental Health

Ariana Grande Slams Cyber-Bullying, Cares about Ex's Mental Health

Ariana Grande is appealing to her fans in light of the rise in mental health problems, depression, suicide, and cyber-bullying being the pressing international concerns of today.

Speaking to her fans on Twitter, the pop princess remarked that she supports pardoning people who offend others through their transgressions.

Grande seemingly was forced to respond and express her side when Pete Davidson, her former fiancé, broke his silence on Monday.

In an Instagram post, Davidson aired his dismay against the people who have allegedly bullied him in-person and online.

This comes after his breakup with the “No Tears Left to Cry” singer in October. The celebrity couple began dating in May, one month after Grande parted ways with the late rapper, Mac Miller.

The 25-year-old comedian who appeared as a cast member of “Saturday Night Live” rebuked his critics on the image-sharing website.

He stated in his lengthy and personal message that he has been battling public criticism for nine months already.

Davidson questioned why today’s people would berate someone (especially a famous personality) “without any facts or frame of reference.”

Expressing his advocacy of helping people with borderline personality disorder and suicidal tendencies, the former partner of Grande staunchly said that he has chosen to remain alive despite the cyber-bullying that has been troubling him.

Davidson ended his Instagram post with a sentence which may pull heartstrings, telling his critics that, even though he is distressed, he still loves them.

Grande revealed that Davidson has completely distanced himself from her to the point of banning her from viewing his Instagram page.

Nevertheless, the singer, whose “Thank U, Next” music video was released on November 30, said that she is profoundly concerned about the problematic actor and his mental health condition.

She requested her fans to be compassionate with Davidson who was supposed to marry her. Grande is aware that people may not completely understand the entire picture regarding another’s personal circumstances.

Hence, she said that she advocates optimism and kindness to others. Grande’s “Thank U, Next” is a breakup song which communicates Grande’s thankfulness to her defunct romantic relationships with Davidson, Miller, rapper Big Sean, and dancer Ricky Alvarez.

The track’s “Mean Girls”-inspired music video had already amassed more than 111 million views and 6.3 million likes on her YouTube channel since its launch last week.

On Spotify, the song is record-breaking, being the most streamed in one day. It received 8.9 million streams internationally on November 5.

Nine days later, the song has transcended 100 million streams on the music streaming platform, making it the most rapid song to achieve this milestone.

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