John C. Reilly: “Ralph” Teaches Young Audiences about Human Nature

John C. Reilly- Ralph Teaches Young Audiences about Human Nature

John C. Reilly, the voice actor behind the lead character in “Ralph Breaks the Internet,” shared his philosophy regarding “Ralph.”

The actor speaks in light of the current success which his movie is enjoying.

In the sequel to the 2012 smash hit, “Wreck-It Ralph,” Ralph now becomes best friends with Vanellope von Schweetz who is voiced by comedienne, Sarah Silverman.

The arcade game characters share their ordinary existence at the Litwak’s Family Fun Center and Arcade.

As the film features Disney princesses like Belle of “Beauty and the Beast” and Jasmine of “Aladdin,” Reilly understands the backlash coming from the young viewers and their parents.

This follows after British actress, Keira Knightley’s recent controversial comments about not permitting her daughter to watch Disney princess-themed movies.

Knightley believed that these films project false images of women, particularly the need for a male figure to rescue them when they are in trouble and the need to have very slim waistlines.

The “Ralph” voice actor remarked that it is okay to present the Disney princesses in movies.

He said that the Walt Disney Corporation is bold and progressive to explain to the young audiences how it felt like to be a female royal figure when they were still relevant in the past.

Reilly commented that the viewers should appreciate these types of characters. The “Ralph Breaks the Internet” thespian also remarked that another lesson which his film intends to impart is the human nature of sensitivity.

Reilly cited that young boys may think that Ralph’s previous nature of being an aggressive figure and destroying things makes him tough.

He said that these young audiences could certainly relate with this image of the gaming figure. Reilly stated that young men naturally feel invincible, furious, and the urge to break things.

However, Reilly said that the movie teaches the young audiences that men can be insecure and sensitive.

As what Ralph showed when he revealed his emotional side in the movie, they are merely masking their inner sensitive side with their feisty behavior.

The actor also pointed out that he credits “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” actor, Gene Wilder, who taught him that men, no matter how “macho” they project themselves, could also be sensitive.

For the second subsequent weekend, “Ralph Breaks the Internet” continued to be number one in North American cinemas, generating approximately $25.8 million.

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