“Harry Potter” Star Daniel Radcliffe Makes Promo Ad for Sick Kids

"Harry Potter" Star Daniel Radcliffe Makes Promo Ad for Sick Kids

Daniel Radcliffe shared his human touch as he expressed his support for children with terminal illnesses.

Lasting for two minutes, the “Harry Potter” superstar appeared on a fund-raising video advertisement for the charity group, Demelza Hospice Care for Children.

This organization helps young people who are suffering from fatal illnesses to live full and well. The actor is also a Demelza Vice President.

Donating his time free of charge, he inquired in the promotional video about what the definition of a full life is.

Shared on social media websites daily, Radcliffe queried about what the #FullLife hashtag means for suffering children.

He concluded with Demelza’s ethos of a brief life lived to the fullest for these young people. Radcliffe cited his high level of support for Demelza.

He said that the foundation is “very close” to his heart and has been a longstanding patron of it.

The “Lifespan of a Fact” Broadway actor expressed that it is his initiative to be the narrator in the inspirational video.

He defended that children with terminal conditions should live their brief lives to the fullest.

Radcliffe encouraged the audiences to view the film, share it, and to give financial support to the non-profit institution.

Demelza gives emotional backing and special assistance to infants, children, adolescents, and to families facing the possibility that their offspring will have a short-lived existence.

Operating on a round-the-clock basis for the entire year, the charity provides customized care for children and their families in their own homes or in Demelza’s hospices.

Demelza’s facilities are located in Sittingbourne, Kent and at Eltham in south-east London. Families based in East Sussex also receive care from the charity.

Through donations, Demelza is financially backed by the public’s generosity. It obtains less than 20 percent of its operations from the British government.

Tamsyn Clark, Demelza’s fundraising and marketing director, stated that the charity is thankful to Radcliffe for his contribution to the video, appealing for the people’s help for the relief institution.

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