New Zealand National Party: Fined $600,000 for “Lose Yourself” Rip Off

New Zealand National Party: Fined $600,000 for "Lose Yourself" Rip Off

WELLINGTON, New Zealand – The judge’s decision favored Eminem’s publisher today, against New Zealand’s National Party. The case was of the said party’s use of the rapper’s song “Lose Yourself” as one of its campaign instrument.

The National Party was ordered to pay $600,000 New Zealand dollars to the songs publishers, plus interest. This was the decision handed down by High Court Judge Hellen Cull on Wednesday.

The National Party used the song “Eminem Esque” in their 2014 campaign. It was played 186 times in their successful election period, before being pulled out. The Publisher of “Lose Yourself” Eight Mile Style, sued the party with claims that the song was ripped off. It was the same song that they published, which was a hit in 2002.

This case has a lot of implications for all the other organizations that use sound-alike tracks. Commercial operators sell these tracks to be used in ads same as the Eminem Esque.

New Zealand National Party: Fined $600,000 for "Lose Yourself" Rip Off

The court ruling said that the difference between the two songs was minimal and that the essence of “Lose Yourself” was completely reproduced in Eminem Esque.

The amount in the decision was based on the hypothetical license fee that the party should have paid for the songs use. It was noted that the publishers rarely permit to use “Lose yourself” in advertising.

The judge did not award additional damages, since the party only used the song after they

received professional advice, and they had not acted recklessly in its use.

It was a disappointment for the conservative National Party members who were still nursing wounds from their recent loss to the liberal Labour Party.

They said that the piece was purchased from a reputable Australian-based music library. The party had already planned their next steps, and already lodged a claim against the suppliers and licensors of “Eminem Esque.

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