Maroon 5 Slated To Release Their Latest ‘Red Pill Blues’ Album

Maroon 5 Slated To Release Their Latest ‘Red Pill Blues’ Album

MONTROSE, Colo. – The artists behind hits such as ‘Animal’ have recently announced that they’re rolling out a new LP, interestingly titled ‘Red Pill Blues.’ This new record will include their hit song ‘What Lovers Do’ featuring R&B singer SZA as well as nine other tracks.

Aside from ‘What Lovers Do,’ ‘Red Pill Blues’ is also going to include three other collaborative songs. These songs are ‘Who I Am’ featuring rapper LunchMoney Lewis, ‘Whiskey’ with A$AP Rocky and ‘Help Me Out’ with Julia Michaels.

‘Red Pill Blues’ starts strong with a song called ‘Best 4 U’. Aside from the tracks above, the LP also includes songs such as ‘Lips on You,’ ‘Bet My Heart’ and ‘Wait.’ All of those titles sound very distinctly Maroon 5, and will certainly contain more of that trademark sound that makes the band so special. The album wraps up neatly with a song appropriately titled ‘Closure.’

Maroon 5 Slated To Release Their Latest ‘Red Pill Blues’ Album

News of the new album’s imminent release was announced to fans on Twitter on Thursday, October 05, 2017. The band also announced that pre-orders were available starting from the following day (Friday, October 6, 2017).

In a tweet, the band wrote: “New album #RedPillBlues. Pre-order on 10.6.17”. Alongside this tweet, they also posted a GIF for each track, which portrays the theme of each song nicely.

Since the band had not released an LP of new music in three years,their fans expressed their elation in the comment box. The devoted fan base of Maroon 5 is anxious to see frontman Adam Levine and his crew deliver past their expectations.

Maroon 5’s fifth studio album, titled ‘V,’ was released in mid-2014. ‘V’ featured hits including ‘Animals,’ ‘Maps,’ and the ever-popular ‘Sugar.’ The group released a compilation album in 2015, gathering the best and most well-loved songs from all of their previous records.

On September 28, 2017, Maroon 5 released the music video for ‘What Lovers Do’ on YouTube, launching the hype train for the new album.

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