Lance Bass Agitated By The American Red Cross’s ‘Gay Blood Ban’

Lance Bass Agitated By The American Red Cross’s ‘Gay Blood Ban’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – NSYNC star Lance Bass called out the American Red Cross recently for their policy prohibiting gay men from donating blood. Bass says that his blood is no different from that of straight people since gay people and straight people can get HIV all the same.

Bass also stated that there are tests in place to verify whether the donated blood is free of disease or not. An exasperated Lance calls it a “Big FU” to the gay men and the gay community as a whole.

Even so, the American Red Cross is adamant in their policy of not accepting blood donations from gay men who have participated in sexual activities within the last 12 months. Bass comments that this is a travesty, especially in light of recent tragedies, such as the Las Vegas Massacre, where any and all blood donations would be vital.

Lance Bass Agitated By The American Red Cross’s ‘Gay Blood Ban’

Since there is apparently a dire need for blood donations, Lance surmises that the only possible reason for the American Red Cross to adhere to this policy is to discriminate the LGBT community. He goes on to say that there can still be something good to come out of the recent tragedy while the country struggles to come to a unified decision about what he says is “common sense” gun laws.

According to Lance, compared to the enactment of stricter gun laws, lifting the ban on blood donations from gay men should be the easiest thing to pass. Such an endeavor would only need the Food and Drug Administration’s support to succeed and could potentially save many lives.

The blanket ban on blood donations and organ transplants from men who have had sexual contact with other men were implemented since the 1980s. This was when AIDS was still a new concept that the medical community at the time struggled to grasp.

Bass says he understands the rationale behind this blanket ban but is appalled that the same emergency countermeasures remain in place even in the current year.

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