Shonda Rhimes Joins Netflix, Believes Hollywood Needs Diversity

Shonda Rhimes Joins Netflix, Believes Hollywood Needs Diversity

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Shonda Rhimes will be officially leaving ABC soon for Netflix, but she has left some insights about Hollywood before she leaves.

Shonda Rhimes is ABC’s executive producer and writer of television shows For the People, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder, and Grey’s Anatomy. In an interview, Rhimes expressed her opinion about Hollywood’s lack of diversity. Throughout her years in the industry, she stated that it has not grown as it supposed to.

Rhimes added that it is a “big mistake” for the movie and television industry not to consider portraying different cultures. She believes that the business has just focused on a single interest. She said that this is the reason people in Hollywood are stereotyped.

Shonda Rhimes Joins Netflix, Believes Hollywood Needs Diversity

The well-known executive producer said that she admires Salma Hayek and Sara Ramirez. Rhimes had worked with Ramirez in Grey’s Anatomy. She said that Ramirez has helped in conceptualizing her own character in the series. Rhimes felt sad when Ramirez decided to leave the show.

The prominent television writer has also expressed her opinion about diversity before. She encouraged her colleagues to continue creating strong black American characters during her acceptance speech at the Producers Guild Awards. She received the Norman Lear Achievement Award.

All of the “Shondaland” series and their development will still run on ABC. Rhimes will continue to get involved with the behind-the-scenes decisions for all of the hit shows. The talented producer helped the television network to thrive in the series category after losing The Desperate Housewives. She will start creating content for Netflix next month when she officially announces her resignation.

Netflix will be showcasing Shonda Rhimes’ work in the middle of the silent,but the known battle between television and online streaming. ABC released Rhimes from their deal, which was worth $10M per year in 2016.

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