Taylor Swift’s Director Joseph Kahn Gets TRO Against Ex-Employee

Taylor Swift’s Director Joseph Kahn Gets TRO Against Ex-Employee

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Joseph Kahn, Taylor’s Swift’s music director for “Look What You Made Me Do” video, received his temporary restraining order (TRO) against a former employee.

The TRO was awarded to Joseph Kahn after his claim of being harassed by a man who worked for him for a short stint. The harassment started in 2009 when Kahn started to receive distressing emails. Kahn also claimed that the man kept on tagging him on his social media posts that display angst.

The ex-employee was relieved from his post in 2008 because he was unable to meet the famous director’s expectations at work. After the incident, the former employee started to send him shocking emails. Kahn stated that the guy talked to him like a dog, insulted his private part and his personality, and sent sexually provoked emails.

Taylor Swift’s Director Joseph Kahn Gets TRO Against Ex-Employee

There was a time when the former employee stopped, but he started sending Kahn messages again in September. The new message asked the director to wait for his treat. It was then followed up with another note a couple of days after which indicated that the former employee admitted that he is “insanely chemically unbalanced.”

The award-winning video director is a favorite in the music industry. His career started in 1990 and worked with big names since – from Backstreet Boys, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, and Jennifer Love Hewitt to Maroon 5, Shakira, and Imagine Dragons. He also got a shot on film, having directed Torque in 2004, Detention in 2011, and Power/Rangers in 2015. The latest was the comedy-drama Bodied done just this year.

Kahn won a Grammy in 2003 for Eminem’s music video for the song “Without Me.” He won another one in 2015 for Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.”

The judge sided with Joseph Kahn, approving the release of the TRO for the safety and security of the Hollywood director.

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