Millions of Ransom Demanded by Hackers for Stolen HBO Data

Millions of Ransom Demanded by Hackers for Stolen HBO Data

NEW YORK CITY, NY. – On Monday, a fresh cache of the stolen HBO files was posted online by some hackers using the name Mr. Smith. In the post, the hackers have demanded that HBO pay several millions of dollars as a ransom for the stolen files to prevent any further releases.

Included in the data dump are what appears to be scripts that belong to five episodes of the hit show Game of Thrones and another for an upcoming episode of the series. There are also emails from Leslie Cohen’s account, and the data dump included at least a month of her email correspondence. Cohen is the vice president for film programming on HBO. The dump also includes several internal documents such as job offer letters to the top executives and a report of legal claims against HBO.

This is already the second data dump that came from the supposed group of hackers. At this moment, the leaks from the HBO stolen files is still limited compared to the chaos of the 2014 Sony attack where hackers have publicly released thousands of embarrassing emails as well as personal information of about 50,000 Sony employees, both current and former.

Millions of Ransom Demanded by Hackers for Stolen HBO Data

HBO has already acknowledged the theft and said that the network is continuing the investigation with the help of the police and some cybersecurity experts. However, the network has also announced last Monday that they don’t believe that their email system was at all compromised.

The hackers behind this theft of HBO proprietary information has also claimed to have even more data which include several scripts and upcoming episodes of several HBO shows and movies. Mr. Smith also claims to have some information that can damage the network’s image.

In the video made by Mr. Smith, the hackers used a black background with white text along with the threat of further disclosures if HBO won’t pay the ransom. The video was directed to Richard Plepler, HBO CEO. The hackers are allegedly asking for a ransom worth the 6-month salary of HBO CEOs in bitcoin, which is allegedly worth a staggering $6 million.

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